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Christmas tree

24 Novembre 2009 , Rédigé par nanoupatch Publié dans #patchwork

 Voici enfin la version anglaise des informations pour la réalisation  du sapin .

Here are the informations, in English , to do this nice christmas tree ... I know that Joanne is waiting for them !

-the fabrics you will need :
 one dark and one light Christams fabric
15cm x 90 cm

-make a template of an equilateral triangle (each side = 16cm and the high is 14cm) (seam allowances are included : 0,5 cm)

- in each fabric, cut 10 triangles

- sew 1 light and 1 dark triangle R.S.T., be sure to leave a part opened so you can turn the piece on the right side, be careful to have nice points and sew , by hand, this opened part so we don't see anything more

-make another template on paper (it is easier than to find the middle on each triangle) but without the seam allowance. mark the center.

-put this template on the triangle in fabric, light or dark side , like you want
- pass the lenght of matched thread , with a knot, through the center of the paper template and through the fabric, pull off the template, and so your needle is just in the middle of the triangle.  (1)

-fold over the three points of the triangle to the center and make some little stiches to fix them together on the center ( 1bis)

-return the hexagon on the other side, your needle is going through the other side too and  now pass the needle through the middle of each "free sides" A/B/C.. Then, stick the  needle in the middle , (the fabric will be folded again) and makes some stiches to fix the sides together. (2)

- Place a bead in the middle , on one side but on the other too if you want , so we don't see the stiches anymore .

-Finally, sew the different pieces (10) together, by there points, to make a christmas tree
-at the bottom, fix a little stick and 5 ribbons ...

What do you think about ...I'm waiting for your pictures !
If  it is a bit difficult, I'll make another one and take pictures from the differnts steps ..don't hesitate to ask me ..but I'm sure that the magic of Christmas will work and makes the things very easy !
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