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Patchwork, Quilting et Art Textile

Round Robin ( english translation)

1 Juin 2012 , Rédigé par nanoupatch Publié dans #patchwork

Curiously,the anglicism round Robin is coming from the french-language expression

" ruban rond"

In the XVII and XVIII centuries, when the french farmers wanted to complain to the king, they gave a petition and generally, the king ordered to arrest the 2 or 3 first signatories....

 In these conditions, we can understand that no one wanted to be on the top of the list.

So, someone had the idea to put the names and signatures down the petition (like a chain, a garland or a ribbon). So, nobody is the first on the list and all the signatories are liable, responsible.

This principle was used, later, by the sailors of the Royal English Navy and was often used too for lots of workers' claims.

We can alos meet this expression in other contexts.

In litterature, the round robin is a style

In computer science

In chess tournaments

In the field of laboratories' measures

In sport, the round robin is a part of the tournament in pools form.


To end , we are using it in the manual activities ( embroidery,knitting, crochet and quilting). In this case , we are talking about a work which is going from a lady to another of the same quilting group but also on groups through the internet.

We will talk more about this tomorrow

 lots of details to "how to do" and pictures ...

see you tomorrow!

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