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Home Of the Brave quilts ... (in English)

25 Juin 2010 , Rédigé par nanoupatch Publié dans #amitié franco-américaine - french-american friends


  As I was a bit lazy yesterday, I didn't translate my last article but today I have more time and  I'm thinking of all my friends speaking english !




Jean Loken , the coordinator for Minnesota


I will try to summarize a long but nice story which will know next ( I hope)

another standing thanks a plan that I have in mind for a while.


It is about a solidarity operation that I have known thanks the twinning of my quilting group in Epinal ( France) and the one in Becker (Minnesota) of which my friends are members .

It consits of making blocks wich are sent to this quilting group in Becker , to Joanne who is in charge to collect them.

All the blocks are sent to different groups, where they are pieced together with other squares, to make quilts which are given to the families of fallen or wounded soldiers in Irak or Afghanistan .

This operation is called " Home Of The Brave ".

Since I joined the group, all the quilting groups in the Vosges ( where I'm living) and around, even in Belgium, have made more than 250 blocks that I have sent to my friends

They were all so happy !


divers 3004

These blocks have been sent to different states in the U.S and were pieced with the others ...


some french squares and you can see one of them in a quilt made by a quilting group

quilt #196


To send this packages, I'm making  a "kitty" (I'm putting some money by)thanks the demonstrations (not really classes....I'm not good enough !) that I give, from time to time, to explain the different techniques that I have learned with my friends Marcia and Marilyn (like the stack and whack for example).

I'm going back to visit Marcia and Marilyn, in september and I think it is a good idea to fill in my empty suitcase (which will be "full" on the way back!) with lots of squares ....if you are interested in making some during the holidays, I will have much place!


It is such a nice idea!

That is why I will try to extend it to the french families as the french soldiers ar fighting by the side of the american troups for the same reasons.....

As I'm a sort of a member of this group I have asked,a few months ago, to Donald Beld if it was possible. He was very happy  and agreed.

I only have to settle some questions about  the stuff and  the money we will need to make the quilts after receiving the blocks. I have to ask to the different groups and  the french quilting guild too

The american quilters who know my plan are ready to send us squares to begin with our quilts as soon as we will decide to work on this project . Isn't it a nice sharing in thinking of all our soldiers who are working hard together for the same goal?

If all works well , we could begin in 2012...


quilts bruyères (6) 

I have then given some links,

one of the H.O.B. web site



 and others with all the informations to sew the blocks. These are in French ...






I have also put potos of all the quilting groups where I want to sew the squares alltogether and I took some pictures from the HOB web site to show the volunteers.

Excuse me if I have waited to write this in English ..but where to find enough time to do all what we are planning . Do you have a solution ?

Excuse me if I ask you to go back to the french article to look at the pictures ..it easier for me ..!

I should be very happy if you have time to let me a comment , just below the article, click on  " écrire un commentaire"

Thank you so much for your visit and I hope to "see you next" !


divers 2001

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